Founded in 1985, Rosetta Diamond Jewellery (formerly known as Moradiya Diamonds and Institute), is an ancestral business rooted in a legacy of craftsmanship of diamonds and now jewellery. The journey began with the thought to make high-end jewellery feasible to all for any and every occasion. Mr. Raju Moradiya, the man with purpose to accommodate each individual with something real and rare, birthed Rosetta Diamond Jewellery, the first company in India to launch pocket-friendly real fine diamond jewellery at just RS 5,999. With decades of experience in the art of creating exclusive diamond jewellery, we bring together tradition and innovation to offer you a collection that resonates with grace and radiance.


Each Rosetta piece is faithfully handcrafted in-house with precision, and witnesses the dedication and skill of our master artisans. Our diamonds are sourced ethically, ensuring not only scintillation but also a conscious commitment to sustainability.


Our collection embraces a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary designs, curated to cater to diverse (universal) tastes and occasions. Weather you seek a statement piece for a special event or an everyday elegance, Rosetta Diamond Jewellery has something for everyone. And multiple designs at same price.


We understand that jewellery is deeply personal expression. Our knowledge and friendly staffs are here to assist you in finding the perfect piece or to collaborate on creating a custom design that captures your unique style. We take immense pride into delivering satisfactory services to each customer personally.


All Rosetta diamond jewellery is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, such as IGI, SGL, ROSETTA, with HUID and Hallmark Stamping, assuring you of the highest quality and ethical standards. We have stringent quality policy to ensure our end product depletes any and all possibilities of defects and deformities. We take pride in our commitment to delivering not just jewellery but enduring memories.


Explore our online catalog and be inspired by the allure of Rosetta Diamond Jewellery. Follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest trends, exclusive offers, and the stories behind our stunning creation.

Indulge in the brilliance of Rosetta Diamond Jewellery- where every piece tells a story of love, elegance, and enduring beauty.



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